RayTing Liang is a Taiwanese designer based in New York.
She does art direction, design, animations, illustrations and prints.
☞ Email her at rayting0727@gmail.com

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➛ On Air Interstitials
➛ Logo IDs

To celebrate the return of Dark Side of the 90s to VICE TV, we decided to brand entire June in 2022 as '90S MONTH with only passion and love. This involved revamping the entire channel's graphics package and creating new assets. Our project was recognized with a Bronze CLIO award in 2022.

➛ On Air VICE Logo ID

The logo ID is designed for new VICEtv show “Dark Side of 2000’s”. It celebrats the era when the internet emerged as a playground of wacky and playful experiment. 

➛ Publication

A publication featuring inverviews of indigeous and latinx artists from southern California
to west Texas. It supported the exhibition,” MudKin”, mapping adobe & land-based projects curated by Tracy Fenix. The print is collected by several institutions including Massachusetts Institue of Technology, MOCA in LA.

➛ Jean-Michel Basquiat: 
  King Pleasure

➛ Social Campaign