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To support the return of Dark Side of the 90s to VICE TV, we decided to brand the whole month of June as '90S MONTH with our pure passion and love. That meant replacing all the channel graphics package and creating new assets such as interstitials, bumpers, snipes, bugs, logo IDs and much more. My responsiblity included pitching art directions, designing style frames, animation.

VP Creative Director : Julie Ruiz
CD: Assaf Clements, Francisco Lopez 

Art Direction : Assaf Clements, Eric BubasDesign and Motion : Sho Hanafusa, RayTing Liang, Michael Pisano, Yiyang Cao, Andre Ellis, Lauren Miggins, Greg Frangipani, Assaf Clements, Eric Bubas
DP : Andrew Maso
Photographer : Piotr Sikora
Gaffer : Edward herrera
Color : Edwin Rodriguez
Set design & props : Melissa Stammer
Production : Nina Randall, Alec Martin, Madeline Concannon, Atlee Feingold, Cameron Dwyer
Special logo ID artist : Dina Amin
Sound Design : Sri Rao, Christian Kudrav